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The first omnichannel grocer in Mauritius

  • Click & Collect and Home delivery from the store
  • Ecommerce operations fully integrated to brick & mortar operations
  • 10,000 SKU online catalogue with supplier-fed product information
  • Responsive design tailored to the Mauritian consumer market

The brief

“Winner’s decided in early 2017 to launch its online shopping service and we aimed at a world class standard that competitors thereafter would find difficult to match. 
For that, we needed to be accompanied by the best possible consultants with a proven track record.”

Jean Michel Rouillard - Chief Operating Officer

Turning Winner’s online shopping ambitions into a realistic and endorsed omnichannel strategy

Our team guided Mauritius’ leading grocery chain (25 outlets) in the development of their omnichannel strategy from inception.

We enabled Winner’s to launch within 6 months an ecommerce channel delivering similar levels of product offering, convenience and experience that customers are accustomed to in store.

This was achieved by building realistic and tailored operational, technological and organisational plans, endorsed by all key stakeholders across the business.

Omnichannel strategy execution: accompanying and empowering Winner’s team

Whilst managing the delivery of the project, we also steered the ecommerce operations set up. From product catalogue definition through to in-store order management and customer service, our team ensured synergy at all times between system capabilities, people and processes.

Throughout the duration of the project, our consultants were onsite in Mauritius, working alongside the Winner’s team, advising and mentoring them on a daily basis.

Ensuring the sustainability of Winner’s omnichannel business

We defined the required organisational changes and recruitments. Our consultants established a ‘train the trainer’ methodology across both head office and stores, thereby ensuring that omnichannel process can be sustainably and cohesively adopted going forward.

We also ensured a smooth transition from project into day-to-day trading modes and helped establish the daily routines across commercial and operational teams.

Working with online grocery specialists to deliver Winner’s omnichannel promise

We selected specialised online grocery and product data management solutions, namely Freshop and Alkemics, to implement Winner’s omnichannel roadmap. These partners were instrumental in enabling, within just 6 months, a compelling and scalable omnichannel grocery shopping experience.

Our onsite consultants guided and supported Freshop and Alkemics in their daily developments to ensure a quality implementation throughout each phase.

Lastly, our in-house studio delivered the design for Winner’s responsive website, whilst aligning the visual design with Winner’s rebranding exercise along the way. We designed a User Experience aligned to Mauritius customer expectations and that made the most of Freshop’s core capabilities.

Freshop (U.S.) is a feature-rich all-in-one SAAS online grocery solution offering a simple, powerful and customised omnichannel shopping experience.

Freshop’s out-of-the-box capabilities and progressive pricing model dramatically reduces both time-to-market and project and ecommerce operations cost.

Alkemics (France) is a collaborative platform augmenting product content with data from suppliers. Alkemics accelerates time-to-market and reduces retailer workload by mutualising data contribution and management responsibility across suppliers.

“Azur Digital proved to be exactly the right partner to accompany Winner’s in its omnichannel strategy for e-commerce, from conception through to execution. Each and every consultant who was allocated to this project and who interacted with Winner’s team were first-class and real team players. They understood very well the local context, whilst adapting their skills and expertise to the various situations on the field.”

Jean Michel Rouillard - Chief Operating Officer