Reinventing luxury travel retail

By deploying a fresh, innovative and engaging concept for their Paris Charles de Gaulle airport flagship store, Moët Hennessy aimed to take the luxury travel retail experience to a new level.

They wanted to personalise the discovery of their Houses and exclusive product range by arming their sales associates with an innovative and engaging tablet application.

Personalising the boutique experience

View, hear, touch, smell and taste: a sensorial journey enabled by blending design, aesthetic and technology”

Moët Hennessy’s first own-branded store has been designed to stimulate customer senses as they explore the emblematic and exclusive products of their prestigious Champagne and Cognac Houses.

Moët Hennessy Global Travel Retail asked us to define and bring to life a tailored digital experience that would facilitate customer engagement and increase conversion, as part of a larger setup which would pave the way to client recognition.

Identifying customer journey enhancement opportunities

We designed an ecosystem initially revolving around a multilingual digital product catalog and clienteling application. The setup would expand across multiple in-store touchpoints and facilitate customer information gathering to engage with customers beyond the walls of the boutique.

Using interviews, personas and multichannel interactions mapping, we then undertook an in-depth analysis of the customer journey, customer context and expectations. This included capturing the challenges faced by sales associates, who were trained in oenology to help clients discover and choose from a selection of exclusive and rare bottles.

Crafting meaningful digital interactions

The new digital product catalog application helps sales associates fulfil their role of brand ambassadors by tailoring their service and pitch to clients’ needs and interest. For instance, to explore the product range of a Champagne House by immersing into the brand universe or to quickly identify the right product for a specific occasion.

This application has been designed to help store staff resonate with affluent customers and overcome the language barrier. As an example, by showcasing and printing-out Cognacs’ tasting notes and preservation advice in the traveller’s language.

Developing the relationship in and outside the boutique

The new clienteling application offers floor staff additional customer relationship management capabilities. They can grow their client database by sharing hotspots in the country of destination by email or suggest product cross-sells or up-sells based on past visits.

In addition, app analytics enable a more in-depth understanding of customer purchase behaviour and preferences. With this first touchpoint adopted by the boutique staff, they can now make use of the functionalities offered by the larger ecosystem, such as product video display and campaign management.

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