Adding an ecommerce channel will profoundly transform your retail organisation and it can have a significant impact on brand image. Yet, execution isn’t as simple as choosing a technology platform and the set up of omnichannel retail operations often turns out to be far more intricate and costly than anticipated.

We’ll help you define a tailored omnichannel strategy and compelling value proposition, as well as the needed investment and projected returns. We will build the required cross-functional implementation plans, select the most appropriate solutions and partners within your budget and accompany the execution through to launch.

By providing expert support at each key phase of your ecommerce journey, our consultants will help you implement in record time and in full confidence an ambitious omnichannel roadmap.

Our ecommerce services:


  • Ecommerce benchmarking and feasibility study
  • Development of omnichannel roadmap and business plan
  • Design of omnichannel value proposition and customer experience

Solution design

  • Design of target operating model and architecture
  • Omnichannel requirements definition
  • Solution & partner search and selection

Project management and Subject Matter Expertise

  • Design of User Experience & User Interface
  • Design of ecommerce operational processes
  • Project management of ecommerce front/back-office and operations implementation
  • Management of ecommerce front/back-office testing & UAT

Case study

Carrefour Omnichannel Commerce

Ecommerce replatforming and launch of online grocery

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