Fashion and beauty brands increasingly digitize their stores

March 27th, 2014 by Azur Digital

From Fashion to Beauty, consumers increasingly expect total brand experiences

To meet these expectations, brands need to complement the physical product experience with new digital shopping tools. By digitizing the store, retailers can deliver shopping experiences aligned with the digital reflexes of today’s connected consumers.

Successfully introducing digital technology that seamlessly enhances the in-store customer experience is a sheer challenge. In addition to requiring in-depth understanding of target customers’ needs, pain points and expectations, it should translate into tangible sales performance.

Sephora opened its new concept store in Milan earlier this month, blending senses discovery and digital interactions to create a unique customer journey.

LVMH’s beauty brand Sephora recently launched a new concept store in Milan, combining physical and digital experiences in a very futuristic design. An olfactive wall offers an original fragrances discovery experience and consumers can explore infinite chromatic combinations on digital walls. Virtual make up try-on is also facilitated via augmented reality.

User Experience excellence and integration with systems and operations are essential to deliver true customer value and ensure adoption

Burberry previously introduced similar innovation in its Covent Garden’s beauty shop (the brand’s first stand-alone), called “Burberry Beauty Box”. The technology-savvy luxury brand went however one step further by integrating in-store mobile payment solutions, thus offering customers an end-to-end digital shopping experience

Burberry Regent Street flagship store hosts one of the most advanced digital in-store experience. When shoppers wearing or carrying items approach mirrors, these transform into screens displaying films of how the pieces were made and how they look in a catwalk.

User Experience excellence and integration with back-office systems and in-store operations are two of the main challenges retailers need to surmount in order to offer a truly immersive and seamless offline/digital customer experience. Similarly, sales teams play an important role in the success of the digitized store. They should therefore be involved in the transformation process and adequately trained to become ambassadors of the new digital tooling available to customers. Ultimately, store digitizing should augment the shopping experience, not replace it.


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