Social commerce for retailers

Social media enables brands to engage with their customers in two-way conversations, thus extending their reach and influence. By integrating social commerce into your multichannel customer journey, you can greatly increase engagement and drive purchase decision.

An increasingly important part of the customer journey

Social media has been a game changer for customer reach and engagement. This has enabled brands to provide real-time content updates, share event-related information and build communities. Social media has allowed a two-way conversation with a wider audience and given rise to “everyday influencers” by increasing engagement and shaping opinions.

56% of the United Arab Emirates population is active on social media today, with Facebook still largely leading the way. Consumers have embraced the use of Facebook brand pages as part of the customer journey for some time now, keeping current with latest trends and product releases through campaigns or ‘likes’ seen within their network.

Although the choice of platform largely depends on the purpose and demographics of the users, it is worth noting Instagram is particularly gaining momentum in the region: 45% of Saudis recently stated that Instagram influenced their purchase decisions, compared to only 19% for Facebook. This is a good indication of the social commerce potential among Arab shoppers

It is worth noting Instagram is particularly gaining momentum in the region: 45% Saudis recently stated that Instagram influenced their purchase decisions (compared to only 19% for Facebook). This is a good indication of the social commerce potential among Arab shoppers.

Blending social media into a multichannel retail value proposition

Whilst the role of social platforms in generating traffic is now well understood (40% of UK consumers recently reported they were more likely to visit a fashion brand’s website or store after receiving a communication), it is a different story when it comes to actually buying directly on a social site or app. Only 16.5% of consumers expressed interest in purchasing directly through social media according to the same study. Equally, the number of consumers using social networks to conduct brand and product search is still small, but it is increasing and the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter have already experimented with a Buy button.

This is a great opportunity for retailers to turn their social pages into powerful digitalized window-shopping tools. To reap the full financial benefits however, they need to integrate them into a larger multichannel retail value proposition, that seamlessly extends the shopping experience across both offline and online by giving consumers the confidence and ease to purchase directly from their social channels.

An essential communication touchpoint for retailers

As retailers engage in digital commerce and relationship marketing with their customers, social media emerges as a pivotal communication channel.

It can effectively complete the e-Marketing toolkit (through targeted campaigns etc.), by allowing retailers to quickly gauge market reactions and interest whilst gathering valuable customer insights through ‘likes’ and other information which is shared voluntarily.

Lastly, your social networks should become an essential touchpoint for your customer service. This will allow you to demonstrate your service excellence and turn dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors.

Our digital commerce consultants have worked with renowned brands from the luxury, fashion and FMCG industries to develop effective social commerce strategies to foster awareness and enable a high level of customer engagement. They will help you design and implement tailored customer journeys by selecting, customizing and integrating into your multichannel setup the most effective social networks to achieve your business objectives.

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