E-commerce for retailers

An e-commerce channel greatly enhances your retail value proposition and ability to serve your customers by offering them unrivaled purchase convenience and ease of access to your products. Creating the right synergies between your online channel and your stores will boost both customer satisfaction and sales as multichannel customers simply spend more.

The perfect playground for Multichannel Commerce

Dubai is one of the top shopping destinations in the world with retailers accommodating more than a 100 different nationalities.

As customers present an array of varying purchasing behaviors based on circumstance, cultures, sensitivities, expectations and shopping habits, retailers need to lay out multiple tailored paths to facilitate them. This is where multichannel commerce comes into play.

New online behaviors, new expectations of retailer websites

United Arab Emirates’ population is among the most connected in the world with a 92% Internet penetration, 75% active mobile users and 51% active social media users.

Connected consumers are increasingly relying on web and mobile services to facilitate daily activities and the development of e-services and mobile apps, heavily pushed by the Dubai government, is encouraging the increased use of electronic payments in the region.

Equally, International websites shipping to the UAE is soaring, which also indicates the appetite and readiness of the local population for digital commerce.

It is therefore essential for your website to provide the basis for a seamless multichannel experience across your products, services and brand as a whole. Rich and accurate product information, per-store stock availability and multiple delivery or pick-up options are all examples of services your customers expect today.

Delivering a single shopping experience

Take for example the multichannel shopping experience of a customer browsing a product on a mobile phone in the morning and buying it on a desktop later that day. In between, she may have decided to visit your store in Dubai Mall to see the physical item or contacted Customer Service to obtain additional information before finally deciding to order online and collect at a chosen pick-up point for convenience.

Consumers expect to seamlessly interact with your brand and it is therefore essential you give them the tools, convenience and confidence to engage and purchase with you regardless of their chosen channel.

To obtain this single viewpoint of the customer, you need to effectively integrate your channels and operations, providing the same level of information and services across all touchpoints.

Transforming your retail business into a multichannel organization

More and more Dubai-based retailers such as Jumbo, Landmark and Al Futtaim’s Ace and Marks & Spencer are launching online channels with multichannel ambitions. This foray of established brick & mortar players into e-commerce highlights a transformation of the regional retail landscape, which up until today was largely reliant on Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s numerous shopping outlets and gigantic malls.

Effectively adding an e-commerce channel can transform a retailer into a serious multichannel player. It opens up a world of new opportunities to engage with customers, drive traffic to the physical store and increase overall sales. It can also act as an essential data-gathering platform and a powerful direct marketing tool to engage your customer base.

For any retail business, an e-commerce website is also a great way to gauge initial customer reactions on a new product line as an example, or provide the base to experiment in a new geographical market, all at a reduced investment.

Our e-commerce consultants have significant experience successfully leading complex digital commerce projects for renowned brands in Europe and in the Middle East. They will help you define your multichannel commerce strategy and value proposition, budget and plan the implementation and assist you in the key steps and decisions that will make the success of your project.

Our team will provide you with the expertise and support you may need along the way, whether to write your RFP, select the most appropriate solutions and partners, design the website user experience, set-up your multichannel retail processes and operations or drive the overall implementation program.

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