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Connected customers are developing new ways of shopping. The store can significantly gain from this trend given the unique advantages it offers: proximity, convenience, immediacy and hands-on experience. Click & Collect, e-commerce fulfilment from the store, store digitizing and salesperson sales applications are as many evidences of the changing role of the store.

Aligning the shopping experience with today's connected consumers

As consumers become more mobile, technology-savvy and used to purchasing online, they quickly develop new shopping habits. This translates into novel expectations when in-store where the physical outlet is nowadays expected to be a rewarding and entertaining experience. Brands who fail to deliver this through a seamless multichannel experience are bound to suffer from customer disaffection.

Traditional bricks & mortar players can significantly gain from these new shopping behaviors given the unique advantages their stores offer across proximity, convenience, immediacy and hands-on experience. Retailers are therefore having to reinvent the role of the store to showcase, entertain and deliver a personalized experience through customer centricity and digital technology.

Enhancing the customer journey with digital touchpoints

Dubai malls host the world’s most renowned brands and numerous flagship stores and it's population has a well-known appetite for service and innovation. Connecting physical and digital words by introducing new touchpoints in the customer journey provides UAE retailers with a fantastic opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This includes enabling experiential discovery of products from a much larger inventory, personalized interactions and an array of new services such as order in store for home delivery.

With a connected store setup, physical outlets and the online store compliment one another and deliver a single shopping experience.

Empowering sales staff

Multichannel retailers can leverage digital and online assets in the store quicker, for instance by providing access to their online catalog and product availability through a digital kiosk or wall. This instantly brings digital commerce into the physical premise and enables delivery of an enhanced and more complete in store experience.

Equally, providing your floor staff with tablets can help them develop better customer engagement and a more personalized relationship by accessing the shopper’s preferences and past purchase history.

Fast and easy, before fun

Whilst a digital storefront might sound appealing to demonstrate brand innovation, it is important to first and foremost enhance the customer journey. There are numerous ways of doing so.

Determining the right customer journey and interactive design for a brand requires a very tailored process. It needs an in-depth and unbiased understanding of the target audience and of its behavior and motives. As an example, queue bursting and fast checkout are amongst the most demanded features for a compelling digitized store experience, according to a recent research. This is an opportunity for retailers to differentiate by addressing shopping pain points and serving customers more efficiently, in a more personal manner.

User Experience acumen and integration with both back-office systems and in-store operations are two of the main challenges retailers need to consider in order to offer a truly seamless physical and digital experience. To mitigate risks, UAE brands could consider first implementing concept stores or digital pop-up’s to experiment new shopping experiences before rolling-out across stores.

Our user experience and digital commerce consultants have helped international and Dubai-based retail brands digitize their stores to increase customer engagement and enhance the overall shopping experience. They will help you define and deploy digital interactions that will resonate with your target audience, enhance the customer journey and foster purchase.

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