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Loyalty program design

Loyalty programs can be developed for a number of reasons, from the need to retain customers through to increasing the spend or purchase frequency of existing customers. In return, they can yield dividends at multiple levels from maximizing your marketing investments through to optimizing the product mix of your stores.

Effectively driving changes in customer behavior however will simply take time and require more than just offering points. Successfully structuring a loyalty program is a complex process and as design errors can be costly and painful, getting the program right from the outset is imperative.

Our loyalty consultants will work with you to design and roll-out a program that resonates with your target customers and drives their satisfaction. They will also help you understand the contribution and involvement which will be required from your stores, people and suppliers to successfully launch and run the new program.

Loyalty program strategy

By carefully aligning your program model with your loyalty objectives, target customers and unique organizational capabilities, you will put in place the foundations for a profitable and customer-centric program that will yield the intended financial returns in the long term.

We will work with you to:

  • Define an appropriate program structure based on your loyalty objectives and target groups
  • Build your loyalty roadmap and business case, including investment needs and expected returns
  • Establish the required project scope and plans to design, implement and operate your new program

Loyalty program planning

The uptake and profitability of your program will largely depend on the suitability of its business model and marketing plan, as well as on how much supplier involvement you secured during the planning phase. Similarly, the choice of technology solution and implementation partner will greatly affect your time-to-market, integration efforts and associated cost.

We will work with you to:

  • Design your program’s business model and establish a compelling value proposition
  • Define your loyalty requirements and write your RFP
  • Find, evaluate and select the most suitable solutions and partners
  • Create an effective customer-centric loyalty marketing plan
  • Secure the early and active participation of your suppliers to the program

Loyalty program delivery

Implementing the solutions and processes needed to operate your loyalty program will involve managing a number of projects, some of which will touch on critical aspects of your business.

We will work with you to:

  • Drive the delivery of your loyalty project portfolio, in line with planned budget and timelines
  • Coordinate the engagement and support of suppliers and internal teams
  • Engage and empower your head office and store teams to develop a loyalty culture
  • Define your testing strategy and manage its execution, including pilot

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