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Adding an e-commerce channel will profoundly transform your retail organization and it can have a significant impact on brand image. Yet, execution isn’t as simple as choosing a technology platform and the set-up of multichannel retail operations often turns out to be far more intricate and costly than anticipated.

Our team of experienced e-commerce consultants will help you define and execute appropriate multichannel/omnichannel commerce plans to maximize market impact and ROI.

Strategic planning

Establishing a new e-commerce channel can be a daunting task. Knowing where to start or how to get the financial and organizational endorsements to get your project kick-started can be a challenge, and many companies can falter at the first hurdle.

By clearly defining from the outset a compelling value proposition and a realistic roadmap, your key stakeholders will have complete transparency on your strategic goals and know how you plan to achieve them.

We will work with you to:

  • Define your roadmap and project scope
  • Build your business case, including investment and financial estimates
  • Establish cross-organizational plans to build and run the new channel

E-commerce solution definition & supplier search

Understanding what you need your new platform to do from a functional, technical and operational perspective is crucial in laying the foundations of your project and in helping you effectively choose the right solutions and partners.

We will work with your teams to:

  • Comprehensively define your requirements
  • Write your RFP’s
  • Find, evaluate and select the most suited solutions and partners

E-commerce User Experience & Design

When it comes to design, some projects are highly at risk of going over time and budget as subjectivity can sometimes cloud the global objective.

By better understanding your customer, who they are and how they will interact with your new website, you are better placed to drive higher levels of engagement and conversion with a more targeted and contextualised user experience and design.

We will work with you to:

  • Understand your target market
  • Create personas
  • Design your customer journey
  • Produce the wireframes and user flows
  • Provide art direction

Operational set-up & Change management

Fully integrating your multichannel operations into an already established network of stores, logistics and current ways of working is a challenge; from the introduction of new delivery options such as Click & Collect, through to buying & merchandizing teams who now need to synchronize assortment planning, pricing and inventory management across all channels.

Every action requires methodical planning and your teams need to be engaged with these changes and new ways of working from the outset.

We will work with you to:

  • Design & set-up your multichannel operational processes across supply chain, customer service and store operations
  • Define your product strategy and content acquisition processes
  • Establish a change management strategy and plan aligned with your organizational structure
  • Recognise and plan your recruitment needs and write your new job descriptions

E-commerce website delivery

No project sponsor has ever used the words: ‘Take as long as you need and spend a much as you like!’.

Driving the delivery phase of your project is key in ensuring a seamless implementation of your systems and processes across your network of internal and external teams, whilst keeping a watchful eye on your timeline and budget.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop your program and project portfolio
  • Drive its delivery by coordinating the engagement of suppliers and internal teams in line with planned budget and timelines
  • Establish a change management strategy and plan aligned with your organizational structure
  • Define your testing strategy and manage its execution

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