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Being able to push the right offer, with the right message, to the right customer, through the right channel and at the right time is the dream of any marketer today. The rise of the connected multichannel consumer and developments in technology such as beacons and Big Data, should in theory make such dreams possible.

However, to ensure they do not overwhelm customers with irrelevant, inappropriate or conflicting messaging, retailers need to carefully target, tailor and coordinate their communications.

Our Digital CRM consultants will help your Marketing team devise and implement strategies to grow the lifetime value of your customer by engaging with them through tailored interactions across multiple channels.

Digital CRM strategic planning

To be effective, your multichannel CRM strategy should not only have clear relationship development objectives and be tailored to your target customers, but also make the most of your existing assets and seamlessly integrate with your retail operations.

We will work with you to:

  • Define a customer-centric multichannel CRM roadmap, tailored to your business objectives
  • Position and build the plans to integrate Digital CRM into your larger marketing setup, reusing existing systems and processes and identifying functional gaps

Digital CRM solution definition & supplier search

Poorly defined requirements which are not aligned with business objectives, misconceptions around solution capabilities or understating the skills and resources required to implement your CRM platform can ultimately affect the effectiveness of your strategy.

We will work with you to:

  • Map current customer interactions with your brand
  • Identify current pain points and opportunities in the relationship cycle
  • Define your requirements across customer database, campaign management and personalization
  • Find, evaluate and select the most appropriate solutions and partners that will fit with your objectives, requirements and financial budgets

Digital CRM delivery

Building your new CRM solution and utilizing it effectively across your organization from day of launch is only one piece of the jigsaw puzzle. How tailored and effective your relationship plan will be and how you will integrate new functionality into company processes and ways of working is of paramount importance.

We will work with you to:

  • Drive the delivery of your solution implementation, testing and acceptance
  • Build effective multichannel campaign plans
  • Set-up your startup configuration and campaign processes, and execute your first campaigns
  • Put adequate measurement techniques in place to monitor CRM performance, progress and impact

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